Virtual Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation

What is Virtual Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation?

You interact with a licensed assigned practitioner that is well seasoned in the medical field. He/she sees you through your TV or Mobile Devices (Phone, Tablet, Laptop Computer). It’s just like having the practitioner there with you in your presence! You and your assigned clinician will workout in group therapy learning over 1700+ therapies and exercises right from your home. HRN (Home Rehab Network) holds one of the highest success rates in rehabilitation history holding a 98.7% success rate! HRN is the first virtual telemedicine company that offers Pulmonary & Cardiac Rehabilitation offered to the United States which began in 2017.

Play the short video below to get a better understanding of our program and what it can do for you.

How to try out our program before committing. 

Congratulations on taking the next step towards getting your life back! We at HRN find that research and trial can make a decision a “no-brainer” when it comes to your health. We know that after trying out our program that you will see that this program is by far the best decision you can make.  Follow the steps to try out our program before committing to an HRN program.

Step One:

Fill out a TAF (Therapy Assessment Form). By filling out a TAF, the doctors and respiratory therapists will look at your problems to come up with a unique therapy plan in getting your lungs to working and feeling better. This TAF is not a sign-up form but a communication form to help our clinicians better understand your complications.
To fill out a TAF simply click on our logo found below.

Step Two:

A patient navigator or coordinator will call you directly to set you up with a class for you to try out. He or she will guide you on what to do every step and answer any questions. You will have to sign a HIPPA Compliant form as your will be in a class trying out the program with actual patients. Most of the patients that you will see started with only walking 10-60 feet but are now walking 4-8x the distance so be sure to ask questions but be respectful.

Step Three:

After your tryout a patient navigator will find out with your insurance if your covered as most insurances cover our programs except Medicaid. You will have an opportunity to speak with a pulmonary rehabilitation therapist to answer any questions or concerns. If you want to sign up and commit then the patient navigator will set you up to see our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Naveed Shah, MD via telehealth. Our pulmonologist and respiratory therapist will communicate directly with your doctor reporting overall progress. Any follow-ups will be done with your personal doctor as our doctors are not your personal doctor.

Free Pulmonary and Cardiac Boot Camp

We recommend trying out our Free “Boot Camp” first before becoming a patient of ours just to see if HRN is the right for you. In our “Boot Camp” you will be able to learn tips and tricks from experienced clinicians to help you breathe better.

Note: Don’t let the phrase “Boot-Camp” scare you. Our pulmonary & Cardiac Boot Camp is just to experience HRN. You will see people just like you usually ages 55+ seeing/talking with current patients and respiratory therapists right from your home. This is an excellent way to understand your options before committing to a program thousands chose over any other. We prefer people to come into class to get a feel of why we are so great. We are extremely confident once you participate in a class that you will continue! After all, we are recommended by doctors across the United States.

To sign up for the free Boot Camp simply click on the green button located toward the bottom right of your screen that says “FREE Boot Camp Sign Up Form.” We will call you to confirm your appointment and answer any questions you may have from phone number 410-871-4601.

Note: Boot Camp is a curtesy group program offered by HRN. A typical group usually consists of people ages 50+ with severe COPD, cardiac disease or and breathing issues. Most people entering the Boot Camp typically can not walk far or get extremely short of breath walking a short distance. Please be kind and courteous to others while in the group session.


Rehabilitation from the comfort of home.


For every patient that participates in our program we will plant one tree in the location most needed. We have donated to the National Forest Foundation and ONETREEPLANTED.ORG totaling 100+ trees to help people and animals breathe better by giving back to the world that needs our help. For more information, please visit https://onetreeplanted.org/

Benefits of the Program

Online Pulmonary Rehab has been proven to be just as successful as any traditional facility, if not more. Though our program success rate is very high (98.7%), outcomes vary depending on your devotion to the therapy program. Most of our patients experience:

  • Lung function Improvement
  • Weaning off oxygen
  • Increase in walking distance
  • Decrease in work of breathing
  • Increased toleration to exercise
  • Increased Inspiratory and expiratory flow
  • Increase in Lung Volume
  • Increase in quality of life
  • Decrease in Stress and anxiety
  • Improvements on speech & Swallowing
  • Increase in FEV1%
  • Improved cardiac response time
  • Improved Stamina
  • Improve C02 elimination
  • Decrease in recovery time post exercise

Other outcomes may include:

  • Complete discontinuation of respiratory medications (accounts for 9% of patients)
  • Complete weaning of supplemental oxygen (accounts for 37% of patients).

An article from the American Thoracic Society, highlights more of the benefits of a home therapy program.

Patient Satisfaction Survey Data

"Guided by practitioners that are well known in their field of practice,
no other program offered in the United States can compete with HRN’s success rates in a TeleRehabilitation program."

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Sleep Study

HRN now offers Home Sleep Testing. Schedule yours today.


Sandy L., April 2019 || Pulmonary Rehabilitation​

"I must say when I first signed up I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. Now I wish I would have signed up sooner. I feel I’m doing better now. The results are pretty amazing!"

J. B.​, C.O.P.D. Warriors​ || Pulmonary Rehabilitation​

Talk about Service!

"If more and more practitioners took the time to help people like us we wouldn’t have so many problems. Everyone talks so highly about you guys, now I know why."

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