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Home Rehabilitation Network recent testimonies!

"Hello I'm excited to tell you I started my pulmonary rehab one month ago. I was at 750 on the spirometer and now I am at a 2500 and no longer need to do the breathing exercises. just want to say thank you thank you thank you to home rehabilitation Network and Alex for all of his help, it's been a great experience to be in the program.I would recommend this program to anyone that is looking to help their them selfs breathe better it is amazing how much better I can breathe.I will have another breathing test done to see exactly how much better that I am but, I know I'm a lot better can't wait to let you all know that my fev1 is better also.I will keep you all posted on that thanks again Alex for all of your help and support it means a lot to me. Definitely recommend this program to anyone"
Sandra M.
Pulmonary Rehab
"I must say when I first signed up I wasn't sure how it was going to go. Now I wish I would have signed up sooner. I feel I'm doing better now. The results are pretty amazing!! It's hard work but it is so worth it. If you haven't signed up yet check it out you can't go wrong!!I actually think the program is better than the one I did at the hospital for rehabilitation. I sure did not have these results when I went there."
S.L. April 2019
Pulmonary Rehab Patient
"Talk about Service, if more and more practitioners took the time to help people like us we wouldn't have so many problems, Everyone talks so highly about you guys, now I know why"
C.O.P.D. Warriors
"People, Stick to the program! I was very skeptical but after 3 weeks I can walk 2 miles on a track when I could only do maybe 80 ft when I started, I could even call these guys at 3:00 AM when I could not sleep, I was in the Cardiac Program doing the TeleRehab, it's a bit more but low and behold I AM A Believer, Money well spent"
From Carroll Hospital
"My patient came back to me after your program jogging, Not sure how your doing it but you got my vote"
DR. B.L., MD
Primary Care Practitioner


Top Practitioners

A Medical Facility Grade Program

“The program was very fun, enjoyable and easy to use. This should have been told to me earlier.” (Walked 200+ FT from a 20 FT max distance initially)
Sharon G.
30FT max 6MW to 50FT max in a 6MW test and decrease on oxygen from 6LP to 2 LPM PRN, Out of hospice care as January 21st, 2019.
Mr. S
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