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Our programs are proven to be far more effective than many traditional facilities, as indicated by our program success rate of up to 98.7%.

Led by Award Winning respiratory therapist Alex Grichuhin, don’t miss this chance to change your life by improving your health. All that is required is YOU.

Boot Camp starts promptly at 2PM EST on Thursdays.

Mr. S. – Member

30FT max to 50FT max in a 6MW test!
Out of hospice care!!

DR. B.L., MD​ – (PCP)

My patient came back to me after your program jogging!

Sharon G. – Member

“The program was very fun, enjoyable, and easy to use!”

Current 2020 results

Program Benefits

FACT: Remote (online) Pulmonary Rehab has proven to be far more effective than many traditional facilities, as indicated by our program’s success rate of up to 98.7%. (Outcomes vary depending on one’s commitment to the program.)

Results include:

  • Improved Lung function
  • Increase in walking distance by 200ft or more
  • Decrease in the effort of breathing and increased toleration to exercise
  • Complete discontinuation of respiratory medications (accounts for 9% of patients)
  • Complete weaning of supplemental oxygen (accounts for 37% of patients)

Most patients will experience an increase in lung function. Many of our patients start out with only being able to walk 30-60 ft and then after 3 months are able to walk 2-5 miles. Nearly 89% of our patients are now able to use stairs with ease and confidence.

View Research from America Thoracic Society.

Personalized Care Delivered to Your Door

Personalized Interactive Rehabilitation

Please understand that in this Boot Camp, you are to work out and learn as much as possible by the best of the best. Just bring yourself, you don’t need anything but…..

Things that are useful but are optional are:

  • Incentive Spirometer
  • Respiratory Muscle Trainer
  • 4 coffee straws
  • Therapy Bands (elastic medium strength)
  • Water
  • Note Pad

Click on the “Boot Camp” button below to enter. Boot Camp starts promptly at 2 PM EST on Thursdays. To sign up simply email your name and a brief description of your complications about 24 hours before starting. Email HRN@HRN.Center

No Two Programs are the Same

Better than Going to a Traditional Facility

In fact, our programs are even used in hospitals and facilities and come highly recommended. Our practitioners will report to the patients primary doctor on a routine basis. The program will also include therapy schedules, journals, and many other necessary program documentation.

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