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  1. Before your appointment, please complete the Daily Vitals form below.
  2. Next, click on your doctor’s profile picture (below) to enter your session.
  3. When you are done, please complete your Daily Therapy Journal using the therapy Journal link under your doctor’s profile.

If your assigned clinician requests a 6 Minute Walk Test, please find the required form below.

Note: Please come into class on time and be ready to workout. Keep camera at least 3 ft. away to provide a proper visual perspective for the clinician, so they can see you and not just your face. Having issues? Please contact support at 410-871-4601.

Step 1: Enter Current Vitals

CLICK HERE >> Submit Current Vitals

Please submit form before joining your appointment.

Step 2. Join Your Scheduled Appointment

Melanie Klein, RRT-RCP

Melanie Klein

Alexander Grichuhin, RRT-RCP, CEO

Alexander Grichuhin, RRT-RCP CO-FOUNDER / CEO

Dr. Naveed Shah, MD, CMO

ENTER Dr. Naveed Shah, MD Appointment

Channon Harper, CRT-RCP

Channon Harper

Nicole Plath, RD

Nicole Plath

Step 3: 6 Minute Walk Test

CLICK HERE >> 6 Minute Walk Test

Please submit AFTER your appointment if directed by your practitioner.

Helpful Videos for Before Your First Appointment