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To speak with someone today please call the number below, or use the form on this page to schedule a Free Consultation.

Toll Free: 1-800-341-5838

Local Line: 410-871-4601
FAX: 410-871-4022


532 Baltimore Blvd, # 106
Westminster, MD 21157

When a patient enters the program they will receive an assigned practitioner who will guide and monitor you throughout the program length. You and your practitioner will assign a custom schedule that fits your needs. Your assigned practitioner follows up on a regular basis to make sure you succeed with the program.

Your practitioner is your coach and will set you up with everything you need to participate in therapy exercises.

Each patient receives help from a large group of practitioners while in the program including: Respiratory Therapist’s, Dietary, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Pulmonologist and or Cardiology Doctor consultations, and others based on your complications at no additional charge.


Get started by filling out the Pulmonary Assessment Form.

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