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Debrief: Conference by the Sea

HRN went to the Conference by the Sea and had a blast. We made a lot of good connections that will help us provide better care to more and more people. We want to thank everyone who put on the Conference by the Sea and all of you for your support.

That Friday of the Conference though, there was an incident. While bicycling that morning, Alex was struck by a city bus. He is very scraped up and sore, but he is alright enough to continue work. (Even if he wasn’t – we couldn’t stop him if we tried).

We’re going to be documenting his Physical Therapy and recovery journey here on the blog. He’ll be using the HRN platform that way you can see what it’s like. And of course, because it works.

Stay tuned for our newsletter, out next week. You can sign up on our website. There’s a pop up on the home page!

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