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So what does a patient experience in a typical program with HRN?

A patient books an appointment with one of our practitioners and discusses the program or goals that he/she wants to accomplish. Our program caters to COPD and/or Cardiac patients, so it is critical you can devote the time to participate in therapy each day. Please make sure a schedule that best fits your needs to help insure the best success. A patient will participate in therapy 30-40 min a day typically for 30 days. HRN will notify their Primary Care Physician (PCP) to see about any recommendations to add to the patients therapy program and will collaborate with the PCP as needed.

Typically when a patient enters the program they will receive a assigned practitioner, that practitioner will guide you and monitor you throughout the program length. You and your practitioner will assign a custom schedule.  Your assigned practitioner follows up on a regular basis to make sure you succeed with the program. Each patient receives help from a large group of practitioners while in the program including: Respiratory Therapist’s, Dietary, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Pulmonologist and or Cardiology Doctor consultations, and others based on your complications at no additional charge. Your practitioner is your coach and will set you up with everything you need to participate in therapy exercises.

Group Therapy is mandatory in the program but you will receive 1-1 sessions when needed with your assigned practitioner.  Best advice we can give is “Simply Participate”. The more you participate, the more our extremely well experienced practitioners can help you get to the goals you want to achieve.  This program holds high success rates, so we encourage you to complete the full 30 day program.

Common Results:  Most of our patients increase walking distance on average by 200-1750 FT.   A post pulmonary function test when followed up with your pulmonologist can sometimes  result in an increase in lung functions that can change your disease state to a less severe stage (86% of our patients have reported that their lung function improved by 30% or more FEV1% score, meaning they may have had severe COPD but were re-diagnosed with only  Mild or Moderate COPD) though results vary based on patient participation most of our patients demonstrate improvements to help live longer, stronger lives.

Cost:  This program is an inexpensive alternative to help those that need an easier, cost effective program with high success rates.  Therapy is now available without having to break the bank. Please call 1-800-341-5838 for specific pricing  information.

Simply book a Call with us by selecting an appropriate day and time. Our goal in this call is to see if this program can benefit you and to answer questions.

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