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HRN featured in I-95 Business Magazine

I-95 Business MagazineImagine being sent home after your standard 21-day stay in a rehabilitation facility – you aren’t quite ready and certainly aren’t confident you can live independently yet, but the insurance company won’t pay for additional rehab or you live too far away for an outpatient program. You go online and order an at-home service, which allows you to participate in remote group therapy sessions, personal sessions and weekly check-ins with your assigned practitioner via Skype.

After a month, you return to your primary physician who is astonished at your progress, after he initially thought you would be on oxygen or using a walker the rest of your life. This isn’t a vision for the future, and you don’t have to imagine it. This is the latest in telemedicine, and it’s based in Carroll County, Md.

You can read the full article by Kristi S. Halford here.

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