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Directions: Please click on a title “Alex’s Therapy Class” during the time and day you requested during your initial setup. Once you click on the link you might have to download ZOOM if you have not done so but the process is usually automated. Please come into class on time and be ready to workout. Keep Camera at least 3 ft. away to provide a proper visual perspective for the clinician so they can see you and not just your face. 

If you still have trouble please contact support at 410-714-1587.

Click here for Melanie’s Therapy Class

Click here for Alex’s Therapy Class

Click here for Webinar (Thursdays at 2-3pm EST only)

Click here for Dr. Naveed Shah, MD


Click on the link below to access MyNewLungs and the video program.


Daily Therapy Journal

Please Complete the Form Below Each Day

Fill out this form each day, even if you did not participate in therapy. This form will be used by your practitioner and your doctor to monitor your progress and status. Be sure to mark any complications, goals, or questions that you may have. If you experience any pain during therapy, or go above a 7 on the breathing scales report it to your assigned practitioner as soon as possible.









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