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Get your heart & lungs working with you instead of against you in the way that is most convenient for you, the Tele-Health way!
Individualized Rehabilitation based on your complications.

Exercise remotely with a licensed respiratory therapist who is assigned to you and is well seasoned in treating your condition. Your assigned clinician will work out with you based on your exercise prescription that you get in your care plan.  Our programs are designed to make your therapy simple and enjoyable, but most of all… successful.

  • Comprehensive Assessments
  • Individualized Therapy Programs
  • Rehabilitation tryout
  • Facebook COPD Support Group
  • Dietary evaluation by a licensed dietitian
  • Bi-weekly live video presentations
Did you know our team of doctors and therapists can treat many lung and heart disease patients?

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Service - TeleReabilitation


You interact with a licensed practitioner in real time and he/she sees and hears you through your TV or Mobile Devices (Phone, Tablet, Laptop Computer) right from your home.

COPD Facebook Support Group

COPD Facebook Support Group

(Invite Only)

Join our private Facebook Support Group and get access to incredibly useful, supportive and expertly moderated discussions on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

My New Lungs

My New Lungs

MyNewLungs Video Library – Do you or someone you know and love have breathing issues, shortness of breath, cardiac complications? We will rehabilitate you from your home through your TV, or/and DVD player! If you have or had any of the following conditions, we can help!

Shop Our Store

Shop Our Store

Safe, Secure, Compliant, Affordable

In some cases, you may need tools and medical devices designed to help treat your condition. We offer a simple online storefront to offer you a private and secure way to get the products you need to support your therapy.

Telehealth doctor

Personalized Assessments

Cardiac, Pulmonary, and More
Every patient gets a free initial assessment, plus we continue to assess your progress throughout to make sure you are improving quickly. If you’re looking for a second opinion or a personalized therapy program, HRN has you covered.
Award winning programs and services specializing in pulmonary and cardiac rehabilitation.

Benefits of HRN Programs

  • Lung function Improvement
  • Weaning off oxygen
  • Increase in walking distance
  • Decrease in work of breathing
  • Increased toleration of exercise
  • Increased Inspiratory and expiratory flow
  • Increase in Lung Volume
  • Increase in quality of life
  • Decrease in stress and anxiety
  • Improvements in speech & Swallowing
  • Increase in FEV1%
  • Improved cardiac response time
  • Improved Stamina
  • Improve C02 elimination
  • Decrease in recovery time post exercise

Other outcomes may include:

  • Complete discontinuation of respiratory medications (accounts for 9% of patients)
  • Complete weaning of supplemental oxygen (accounts for 37% of patients).

Patient Survey Results (Excerpt)

Online rehabilitation has been proven to be just as successful as in any traditional facility, if not more. Though our program success rate is very high (98.7%), outcomes vary depending on your devotion to the therapy program.


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Q: Do you feel your breathing has improved since starting rehab with HRN?

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For every patient that participates in our program we will plant one new tree through Helping people and animals breathe better by planting trees is another way we can give back to our community.