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Fully Automatic Arm Style Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor


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This upper arm blood pressure monitor is FDA Approved & CE Certified. It uses an oscillographic measurement method. After numerous clinical tests and verifications, it can accurately and continuously track and observe your systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and heartbeat, and remind you when any irregular heartbeat is detected.

With the specially enlarged font, it makes the readings more reader-friendly. No matter in the day, or at night, the blood pressure monitor delivers clear & accurate readings for your health reference.

This fully automatic blood pressure monitor lets you get the one-button operation measurements. Press the “Start/Stop” button to start broadcasting, preset the cuff pressure, and measure.


Clinically Accurate: Each device undergoes individual calibration for unmatched accuracy. Be sure you will have a reliable reading every time.

Two Users Mode: This sphygmomanometer stores up to 60 measurements for each user with date & time, displaying the average of the last 3 readings. Memory function allows you to keep tracking on your health status, you can recall the memory by pressing the button “M”. The blood pressure machine also features an automatic switch-off for your convenience.

Voice Broadcast: A voice will talk to you, guide you through the beginning to the end, all you need to do is follow the voice, and it will read you your results when finished. The voice can be turn off.

Large LCD Backlit Display: The blood pressure monitor automatic equipped with 3.9 inch large screen with backlight, easy to read, large font, specially designed for middle-aged and elderly people. Large, bright backlit LCD screen shows all measurements clearly on the same screen. Displayed measurements include: systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, pulse rate, date, time, and user.

Dual Power Supply: The bp monitor powered by Battery or USB, USB at home use, environmentally-friendly. Use batteries for convenience in certain cases.

Adjustable Large Arm Cuff: The large blood pressure cuff is for upper arm 8.6-16.5 inch circumference. Adjustable and fits for most standard and large adult arm sizes, easy to put on and take off by one person.

Quick Start:

  • Install batteries.
  • Insert cuff air plug into the left side of monitor unit.
  • Remove thick clothing from the arm area.
  • Rest for several minutes prior to testing. Sit down in a quiet place comfortably , back and arm support on a desk or table,with your legs uncrossed ,your arm resting on a firm and your feet flat on the floor.

Apply cuff to your left arm and middle of the cuff at the level of your heart. Bottom of cuff should be placed approximately 1-2cm (½”) above elbow joint.

Press ” START/STOP ” Button to start testing.

Weight 28 oz