Home Breathing Exercises and Therapy (DVD)


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Recommended by many Pulmonologist,

Home Breathing Exercises or Home Pulmonary Rehabilitation was developed by licensed Practitioners in the field of therapy and medicine. Each therapy has been proven safe, easy to use and is effective. Therapy is done 30-40 min a day for 30 days. Videos include:

Breathing Techniques, Oxygen Safety, Dietary, PT/OT, 

Respiratory Muscle Training, Volume Training, Breathing with Exercises,

Stretching, Strength Training, Coughing Techniques and more. (Results may Vary, but are seen within 2-3 weeks if used properly and daily)

Products needed to participate are optional but recommended. 

“This program works very well with people not technologically Savvy” 

Home Pulmonary Rehabilitation is just as effective as traditional rehabilitation noted by the American Thoracic Society in a study done in May 2017. 

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