Portable Exercise Arms and Legs workout


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Healthy People (for fitness)
Apoplexia/Apoplexy/wind-stroke syndrome (of Taiyang)/Paralytic Stroke/Palsy patient
Myophagism/Amyotrophy/Muscular atrophy/Sweeny patient
Paraplegia,Coldness of extremities, Quadriplegia, Tetraplegia patient
Parkinson’s disease,A nervous disorder, Neurotic disorder patient
Severe Osteoporosis patient
Long-term lying in bed after operation, Long-term bedridden patient


1) Runs quietly
2) Safety alarms and motor shuts off if cycle is not operated properly
3) 4-speed: 30rpm, 40rpm, 50rpm, 60rpm and can be adjusted freely
4) Rotate & Counter-Rotate: when rotating in a contrary way, it could be adjust
5) With 2 seconds pause during the change program
6) With AUTO program setting
7) Select the MODE according to the meter of calorie or rotating
8) When the machines to be Auto-Stop over 6 seconds, then will be shut off autom atic
9) Can adjust 15,25,35,45 degree. Paitent can do exercise in the bed.

The best electronics upper and lower limbs physiotherapy and rehabilitation exerciser product with adjustable base Rack for hemiplegia and stroke
Exercise pedal bike trainer for weight loss sports fitness therapy rehabilitation bike for leg 
Feet care massages massageador abgymnic electrode health product 

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Dimensions 49 × 33 × 29 in

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