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Cpap/Bipap Compliance Kit- Only $499.99 ($1204.36 Dollar Value)

*Pulmonologist Approved and Recommended*

  • Kit comes with 4 reusable masks (one full dome mask, one full face mask, one nasal mask, and one nasal pillow)  in which you can be sure which mask type works best for any given patient. The kit comes with all mask types, after you find the mask type for a patient, the mask is then ordered through your DME that you currently use. If your DME company does not have that particular type just ask us, we will give you a great price. Our compliance masks are reusable as they are only used to find mask type for the “NON-Compliant” patient.
  • One interactive education DVD for Patient Education and Interaction including how to put the mask on independently.
  • One interactive education DVD for Staff use, Teaching and Interacting with the DVD program giving up-to-date Education and Techniques by the industry leaders and practitioners.
  • 2 Chin Straps
  • 1 printable patient Flash Cards Set. (Giving a copy to each patient for reinforcement of Bipap/Cpap instructions and cleaning procedures and breathing techniques)

(Facility can have their company LOGO Rendered on the Videos)

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$39.99 for your personalized program. Made just for you!DVD WITH COVER PULM