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Case Studies

  • Online Pulmonary Rehabilitation Not Inferior to Face-to-Face Rehab

    “For many patients, attending in-person classes isn’t easy and we know that attendance rates are variable,” said lead author Tom Wilkinson, MA, Cantab, MBBS, PhD, FRCP, of the Southampton University Faculty of Medicine at Southampton General Hospital, United Kingdom. “This study challenges the paradigm that pulmonary rehabilitation needs to be delivered using a conventional face-to-face class-based approach.”

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  • Results of Video Rehab Case study / UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2018
    From a 30 day, 100 people volunteered controlled group study

    • 6mw test, 80-200 ft initial walking average, after follow-up with PCP and company CMO evaluation, 275ft-1680ft improvement.
    • FEV%1 pre/post measurement from 44 people who has COPD, increase in % = 16-35% increase from Pulmonary Function Test. (Volunteers with COPD were reevaluated and determined to either have decreased the lung disease severity, i.e. end stage COPD were reevaluated after graduation having mild COPD)
    • 8% did not participate with the program as prescribed or no follow-up with PCP or CMO was noted.
    • 88% Rated from a 1-10 score of “easy to use” 10= best, 8.6 average score.
    • 92% Benefited from the program
    • 50% from 8 volunteers who use supplemental oxygen were weaned off
    • 100% from participants did not contract a nosocomial infection