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When’s the last time you cleaned your nasal cannula? When’s the last time you replaced your nasal cannula?

If you didn’t know, or the answer was longer than a week ago, you need to change it now.

Nasal cannulas are a critical tool for those on oxygen. However since the prongs sit in the nose, they are prone to bacteria build-up which could make you sick.

In this article, we’re going to go over how to clean your nasal cannula, how often you should replace, and what type of cannula is best for you.

How do I sanitize and maintain my nasal cannula?

Wipe down the cannula with an alcohol wipe or swab after each use. If you use it for long periods of time, make sure to disinfect a few times throughout the day.

How do I clean my nasal cannula?

To prolong the life of your cannula, wash it after each use. Soak the cannula in warm water with a small amount of dish soap and white vinegar. Rinse thoroughly, and hang it to air dry before using again.

Pro’s Tip! Have a good supply of cannulas on hand, so you can still use one while others are being cleaned.

How often should I change my nasal cannula?

Cleaning and sanitizing are important, but you should still change your cannula to a fresh one regularly. But how often is regularly?

It can be anywhere from once a week to once a month, depending on how often you use oxygen. However, change your nasal cannula whenever you start to feel sick. Your health is the best indicator of when you should change your cannula.


When in doubt, change it out!

How do I not get tangled?

If your cannula is too long and unruly, and keeps getting tangled, get the O2 Safety Strap. It is designed for safety (it’s in its name after all!), keeping your cannula neat so you don’t have a fall.

Where can I get more nasal cannulas?

You can find high-quality, comfortable soft tip nasal cannulas (And O2 Safety Straps!) in our shop!

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