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Lung Trainer

A Respiratory Muscle Trainer (RMT) acts as a weight for your lungs. It’s also called The Breather.

This tool is essential for Pulmonary Rehabilitation. There’s a reason our programs use this tool extensively: it works.

We’re here to answer all those questions for you. Let’s get breathing!

What setting should you use?Respiratory Muscle Trainer (RMT)

Start with 3-3. That’s Inhale and Exhale both set to 3. What you’re doing is shrinking the hole that you’re breathing through (just like purse lip breathing!)

To create resistance. As you get stronger, you can increase the resistance pressure. If you do not feel comfortable starting at 3-3, you can always work up to it from 2-2 or 1-1. Whatever is safe for you.

How often/how long should you use it?

Alex Grichuhin, RRT recommends using the breather at least 6 times a day for 10 breathes each as a baseline. But every patient is different! Speak to your practitioner in order to get the exact schedule that’s right for you.

Is it safe for you to use it while on oxygen?

Yes!! This is designed to help you get OFF oxygen. Use it in conjunction with your oxygen. Temporarily remove your oxygen and use it; you will feel the improvement. But: do not go off oxygen unless cleared by your doctor.

The Breather

What if I don’t have a RMT?

You can get one on our website! And while you’re waiting for that to arrive, you can use two coffee straws to get a similar, though not as effective, effect.

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