Home Rehabilitation Network

Do you or someone you know and love have breathing issues, shortness of breath, cardiac complications? We will rehabilitate you from your home through your TV, or/and DVD player! If you have or had any of the following conditions, we can help!

  • COPD

  • Lung Cancer

  • Emphysema

  • Pulmonary Fibrosis

  • CHF

  • Asthma

  • Chronic Bronchitis

  • Bronchiectasis

  • Cystic Fibrosis

  • Heart Failure

  • Diabetic Complications

  • Alpha 1 Diseases

  •  Any Pulmonary Complications

  • Any Cardiac Complications

  • Any other..

What Programs Do We Offer?

The Home Rehab Network is an Independent Interactive Rehabilitation Program developed for people that want to enhance their wellness guided by practitioners that are well known in their field of practice done at home & on your time.



Two types of Rehabilitation Programs we offer


1. TeleRehabilitation (It’s Telemedicine that includes Rehabilitation)
 2. Medically Monitored Personalized Interactive Rehabilitation


TeleRehabilitation -You see the practitioner in real time and he/she sees you through your TV or Mobile Devices (Phone, Tablet, Laptop Computer). You interact with each other just like the practitioner being with you physically in your presence! In this program, since the practitioner can see you, he or she can visually see if any complications or concerns may need to be reported to your doctor. The practitioner will monitor you frequently, also educate staff and family so the upmost care can be rendered. The practitioner will be your personal practitioner, often a team which can include a dietitian, physical therapist, Cardiologist, Respiratory therapist, Pulmonologist and others will be devoted to your care. No extra charge besides the payment option you choose for level of care will be accessed. Patient is billed to home address as well as equipment if needed. Payment options are available. This service is the most expensive program we offer but the cost is still extremely inexpensive considering a traditional facility that cost on average in the US 2018, $21,000 per month on average. 

HRN will set you up with everything you will need step by step.

TeleRehabilitation has one of the Highest success rates in the TeleMedicine Industry and to this date no other program offered in the United States can Compete with HRN’s success rates in a TeleRehabilitation Program. Do not try to compare us to another program on the market as we hold the highest success rates at a 86% average success score (Based on MET scores, CAT “COPD Assessment Test” 6MW Test, & Hospital Readmission). National Pulmonary Rehabilitation success Rate in any traditional facility is only at a 30% success rate. We are unbeatable since 2018 and hold a high respect among hospitals, Rehabilitation Facilities, Patients and doctors.  

Program Options are as follows:

Option 1. 30 minutes of live Interactive Therapy. One session 30 min in length, one time only per session.


Option 24, 30 minute sessions paid for the week. 



Option 3. Month of Therapy- *** (Highly Recommended)
4 days a week for 4 weeks. Each day = 30 minutes of therapy. 

Program Requirements:
Good Wifi Access
 Download ZOOM (TelePortal) We will assist you with everything. 
Keep Camera at least 3 ft away from you so practitioners can see your performance
No music playing in the background during therapy
Please wear proper workout attire
Inside environment for better picture quality (optional)

A schedule will be made out during the call from HRN on initial setup of the program and will discuss everything at the time of the call. 

 To learn more about this option simply schedule a no obligation call to one of our practitioners for free to discuss your needs and to see if this is the appropriate option for you or your love one down below.

Medically Monitored Personalized Interactive Rehabilitation

Personalized Interactive Rehabilitation– This program is made for those that don’t have good WIFI, or are not technologically savvy to use computers. In this program the patient would fill out a TAF (therapy assessment form). That form will be viewed by all the necessary practitioners to orchestrate a personalized program specifically designed with your complications  in mind! No two programs are identical unless the two patients have the exact same complications which would be extremely rare. HRN would then design and program on a DVD disk so the patient can interact with the program. This form of rehabilitation has been tested and is proven to be identical if not better then going into a traditional facility except if the patient needs to be independent. If Dependence is an issue, a home care company can help assist the patient do the therapy designed by a large group of licensed practitioners to reach the goals or work on complications for that patient. This program is used in hospitals and facilities and is highly recommended as well as TeleRehabilitation. Frequent communication with the patient and the practitioner via phone call or video chat are used to monitor. The practitioners will report to the patients primary doctor on a routine basis. The program will also include therapy scheduled and journals and many other necessary program documentations. Patient can be billed to home address as well as equipment if needed. Payment options are available.

 (Program does not include equipment if needed by the patient which can be an Incentive Spirometer, Cardiac Products, Respiratory Muscle Trainer. Program can also be billed up to 90 days giving the patient more time to pay the fee)

To get Started on this program please fill out a Pulmonary or Cardiac TAF using these buttons. If you need assistance please call us, we will be happy to help you, after all that’s what we do!

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