Home Rehabilitation Network

The Home Rehab Network is an Independent Interactive Rehabilitation Program developed for people that want to enhance their wellness guided by practitioners that are well known in their field of practice.

Their are two types of therapies that we offer.

  • Medically Monitored & Assisted

Medically Monitored programs include:

TeleRehabilitation -You see the practitioner in real time and he/she sees you. You interact with each other just like the practitioner being with you physically in your presence. In this program, since the practitioner can see you, he or she can visually see if any complications or concerns may need to be reported to your doctor. The practitioner will monitor you frequently, also educate staff and family so the upmost care can be rendered. The practitioner will be your personal practitioner, often a team which can include a dietitian, physical therapist, Cardiologist, Respiratory therapist, Pulmonologist and others will be devoted to your care. No extra charge besides the payment option you choose for level of care will be accessed. Patient is billed to home address as well as equipment if needed. Payment options are available.

Personalized Interactive Rehabilitation– This program is made for those that don’t have good WIFI, or are not technologically savvy to use computers. In this program the patient would fill out a TAF (therapy assessment form). That form will be viewed by all the necessary practitioners to orchestrate a personalized program specifically designed with your complications  in mind. No two programs are identical unless the two patients have the exact same complications which would be extremely rare. HRN would then design and program on a DVD disk so the patient can interact with the program. This form of rehabilitation has been tested and is proven to be identical if not better then going into a traditional facility except if the patient needs to be independent. If Dependence is an issue, a home care company can help assist the patient do the therapy designed by a large group of licensed practitioners to reach the goals or work on complications for that patient. This program is used in hospitals and facilities and is highly recommended as well as TeleRehabilitation. Frequent communication with the patient and the practitioner via phone call or video chat are used to monitor. The practitioners will report to the patients primary doctor on a routine basis. The program will also include therapy scheduled and journals and many other necessary program documentations. Patient can be billed to home address as well as equipment if needed. Payment options are available.

Assisted Program (Membership Program)

The Assisted Program is a membership program, it is only assisted. The user  can choose whichever video program they want and be educated and even interact with the program to do online rehabilitation. The user also has an option to go onto the video chat link to speak one on one with one of the assigned practitioner. Video chat can be used daily and even participate in group therapy. Group therapy can be accessed during business hours from 9AM-3PM EST.  Equipment are optional but well recommended to participate in therapy. To this date no other program has matched in outcomes as HRN in success. Programs are developed only by  Licensed  Practitioners.

Licensed Practitioners also use athletes from freestyle divers, Navy Seal instructors, and Olympic coaches to come up with extremely unique therapies to help anyone in a safe program. 

HRN is a new medical option for everyone. We produce clinically tested therapies and personalize them for each individual.

The kind of therapies we specialize in are vast in numbers. We hire well recommended practitioners in every medical field and develop interactive therapies based on your diseases or goals. The interactive therapies we implement are proven successful by taking our therapies and studying them in controlled study groups with people with the same disease and orchestrate a program that is successful for you.


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