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Due to the success of our programs HRN continues to grow. We are always looking and considering top  performing personnel from all medical industries. If you are best in your field and are looking for a rewarding career in telehealth, please contact us.

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The Home Rehabilitation Network is an Independent Interactive Rehabilitation Program developed for people that want to enhance their wellness guided by practitioners that are well known in their field of practice.

We provide full Pulmonary and Cardiac rehabilitation through video conferencing or other forms of digital media, for the patient to use in home. Each program may provide  Respiratory Therapy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Dietary, an assigned Cardiologist or Pulmonologist or both, Stress Management, Yoga, and a large variety of education classes.

If you’re seeking an opportunity to help improve peoples lives, please contact us today.

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Our patients are our priority and, as to this date, no other company has ever been able to match us in success rates,. We need to continue this high standard, giving people the edge in great therapy and medical expertise. Our program was designed to help low income people access high quality rehabilitation services.