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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does my doctor need to refer me to be in a program?

A: Anyone can join but we will contact your doctor to get a referral as one is required for insurance purposes.

Q: Who are you guys and what do you guys do?

A: We are Tele-Health program, the next generation in traditional therapy. We provide Full Pulmonary and Cardiac rehabilitation all from your home. Each program provides: Respiratory Therapy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Dietary, an assigned Cardiologist or Pulmonologist or both, Stress Management, Yoga, a lot of education classes, In our therapy program you see the practitioner they can see you (Tele-Rehab) all from your phone, TV, Computer or Tablet. You will interact with your assigned practitioner throughout the program. Your assigned practitioner will be responsible for implementing therapy, educating you, and monitoring you throughout the program making sure you meet realistic goals. Program can be up to 72 sessions. HRN will communicate to your doctor if you have one, about any issues or updates about your health and performance.

Q: What insurance do you take?

A: yes we are approved through Medicare and some Medicaid as well as commercial insurances but we do take people without insurance giving payment options if necessary at a rate that is easy for the patient to afford.

Q: Why is your program so inexpensive?

A: HRN’s program was developed for people that can’t afford traditional rehabilitation or can’t reach one that works with your schedule. Our practitioners only enter your home digitally, not physically lessening the cost. We designed the program to be the lowest especially for those that don’t have insurance coverage but with same or better success rates then a traditional rehabilitation facility.

Q: Is this a membership program?

A: We do have a maintenance program that works like a membership program, but we do work with to offer a “self-pace membership program.” 

Q: What is the difference between TeleRehabilitation and Interactive Rehabilitation?

A: TeleRehabilitation or telehealth is a hybrid of TeleMedicine, You do Pulmonary Rehab or Cardiac Rehab at home but your assigned practitioner will work with you through a secured video chat in group therapy or independently, but in this that program you see the practitioner and he or she sees you. They will monitor you making sure if they suspect pneumonia or anything that could result in harm or hospitalization they will take the necessary actions to make sure you are safe. Interactive Rehabilitation is made for those that have a difficult time with WiFi or computers and in this case your assigned practitioner will develop videos based on your complications and format a DVD disk or our (online platform) so you can participate in therapy and call you often to make sure your successful and goals are accomplished.

Q:What does a program entail?

A: Well in our program we must first educate you on technique and the do’s and don’ts. After your educated then we work on the exercises from start to finish. Their are times when your assigned practitioner will have you check your home AC filter to check for cleanliness or go over and demonstrate how your taking your respiratory medications. If he or she sees complications they will send you things to help you throughout the program length. You will work with a Dietitian, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Doctors and often others to orchestrate the proper therapy program which is all included with all the programs, its another reason why our success rates are one of the highest if not the highest.

Q: What are your Success Rates Determined?

A: Pre and Post exercise toleration data, a CAT (COPD Assessment Test) and a 6 Minute Walk Test, MMRc scale and when warranted a PFT.

Q: Do I have to give you my Medical History?

A: Yes, this is a certified program, and we follow protocols and procedures just like any doctor’s office or clinic, you don’t have to but the more we know about your current health the better we can know how to fix the problem.

Q: My friend signed up and had severe COPD but his doctor tested him after to check for lung functions measurements after the program and he does not have COPD!! Did you guys cure it and can I get the same results?

A: It is common to find people missed diagnosed with COPD. We don’t cure it but we do find people who do therapy return to better lung functions status but it depends if the patient does the work.  Results vary from patient to patient depending on the amount of therapy you implement.

Q: My friend is a Respiratory Therapist, can he just do pulmonary rehab for me?

A: Pulmonary Rehabilitation is not necessarily taught in schools but teach in hospitals or on the job training. Would you feel better being rehabilitated by the top elite or just any therapist? We teach students on therapy; you would be surprised how many practitioners don’t know proper technique. Our therapists go through tons of training and certifications through the AACVPR. Each therapist is certified with both Cardiac & Pulmonary rehabilitation certifications. 

Q: I went to pulmonary rehab and it did nothing for me, how is that going to be with you guys?

A: In the field of rehabilitation, you will find bad programs as well as good programs, We hold one of the highest success rates in Tele-Health and Pulmonary Rehabilitation facilities to date. ATS or the American Thoracic Society stated that online rehabilitation is just as successful as any traditional rehab facility.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Cost is usually covered 100% but there are times where you have a copay which you pay based on what you set up with your insurance. Regardless, expect results but if there is a cost you can be on a payment plan but billing department will review everything with you before you start so there is no surprises. 

Q: How long is the program?

A: Medicare allows for up to 72 sessions but expect results! The program can last longer if your doctor warrants continuation of therapy as severity of disease can vary from patient to patient. This program is a life changer. 

Q: Do I need to buy the equipment to do the therapy?

A: No, it is better to buy the equipment but there are alternatives to the equipment that we can help you with. Basic equipment are as follow:

  • Incentive Spirometer
  • Blood Pressure Machine
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Medium strength therapy bands
  • Free weights (soup cans and water bottles work well) up to 5 lbs.
  • Respiratory Muscle Trainer

We sometimes need a flutter or pep device for someone with congestion, spacers, Nebulizer kits, EKG monitor (We would have you borrow a device like this) and many other but you will find out more in your care plan. In a care plan your clinician will review other additional suggestions but they are optional. 

Q: Can you guys cure my COPD?

A: Unfortunately COPD cannot be cured but with proper management and therapy exercises you can improve lung functions as it is common. In  pulmonary rehabilitation programs we commonly see someone started at a stage 4 COPD to a stage 2 COPD,  and sometimes better if therapy implemented is done properly, we didn’t cure the disease all we did was help make the lungs more compliant.

Q: How do you make my mom or dad do the therapy?

A: By law we cannot force someone to do anything they do not want to do, that’s the same in hospitals and facilities alike.

Q: Do I have to travel to your facility to do therapy?

A: Absolutely not, all therapies are done at home on your time and on your phone, laptop, or TV. We will set you up with everything if needed.

Q: Can you prescribe Medications?

A: No, we do work with your primary doctor and its common for our doctors to communicate with your Primary Care Physician to talk about recommendation

Q: Can you guys be my Doctor?

A: Actually a lot of our doctors hold private practices in various states but that would depend on where you are located. Our doctor (Naveed Shah, MD) does have an established “doctor office” within the building, but you would have to travel to the building. 

Q: What programs do you offer?


A: Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), full Tele-Health Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Cardiac Rehabilitation with all types of clinicians.