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“Spacer” Respironics OptiChamber Diamond (Anti-Static Valved Holding Chamber)


The OptiChamber Diamond valved holding chamber is smaller than most conventional chambers. OptiChamber Diamond’s intuitive design enhances medication delivery and compliance for patients of all ages, at home or in the hospital.
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Even under low pediatric pressures and flows, OptiChamber Diamond’s inspiratory and expiratory valves open freely. Unique stepped mouthpiece accommodates smaller mouths.  OptiChamber’s mouthpiece design helps patients transition from pediatric facemasks to mouthpieces. It also allows attachment to a 22 mm connector. The highly visible expiratory valve helps measure breath count and hold.

  • Easy disassembly for maintenance
  • The mouthpiece and adapter can be removed from the chamber for easy cleaning.
  • OptiChamber allows the more respirable medication to be delivered to the patient. The anti-static material allows the aerosol to be suspended longer, giving the patient more time to inhale.
  • High flow whistle helps patients with breathing technique.
  • LiteTouch VHC mask promotes comfort and compliance.
  • This detachable mask, which fuses a clear, hard shell to an exclusive soft-seal interface. The mask reduces leakage, and promotes aerosol therapy comfort and patient compliance.
  • Flat bottom maintains stability and prevents rolling.
Weight 2.9 oz
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 2 in


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